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A Comb products born from collaboration with a local woodworking product design company, aimed at enhancing functionality.

長所 Wood

The soft handle made from Himi Satoyama Cedar develops a richer flavor with use.

長所 かっさ

It allows for flowing movements, enabling massages on the hands and face.

長所 研磨

Our polishing technology achieves both the smoothness of combing and reduces static electricity.

Product Features
  • By lowering the center of the pins by approximately 3% compared to conventional products, it creates an arc across the entire comb, gently stimulating the scalp for a pleasant sensation.
  • The handle is designed with a rounded shape and can also be used as a gua sha plate. By massaging the face and body, it promotes blood and lymphatic circulation, relieves muscle tension, and reduces swelling.
    (As it is not a medical device, please be careful with the amount of force applied.)
  • The stainless steel pins, polished using a special method, reduce static electricity when combing, thereby preventing damage to the hair.

From our EC-Site

Introducing the "StainlessWoodComb" series, a collaborative creation between Rootive Co.,ltd., a company specializing in woodcraft design and manufacturing, and Kenshin. This innovative comb combines the warmth of wood with the durability of stainless steel.

Gentle Scalp Stimulation

The unique design features a lowered central row of teeth and an arched shape, allowing the comb to gently stimulate the scalp for a soothing experience during brushing.

Versatile Massager

The rounded handle doubles as a gua sha plate, enabling you to massage your face and body. This promotes blood and lymph flow, relieves muscle tension, and reduces puffiness. (Use with caution as it is not a medical device.)

Expertly Crafted

Developed in collaboration with Rootive's Mori Studio in Himi City, this comb exemplifies exceptional craftsmanship and functionality.

Smooth and Static-Free

Advanced polishing techniques ensure the long teeth are perfectly straight and the surface is mirror-smooth. This seamless finish minimizes static electricity buildup while brushing your hair, a testament to Himi City's legacy as one of Japan's premier needle-manufacturing regions.

Durable and Long-Lasting

Crafted from sturdy stainless steel, this comb is resistant to breakage, ensuring years of reliable use.

Adhesive-Free Construction

The unique joinery method eliminates the need for adhesives.

Locally Sourced Wood

The comb's wooden section is made from fragrant "Himi Satoyama Sugi" cedar, a local specialty of Himi City. Each piece is meticulously cut, crafted, and polished to create a comfortable, ergonomic shape that fits naturally in your hand.

A True Artisanal Product

Born from the skilled hands of Himi City's artisans, the "StainlessWoodComb" is a testament to the region's rich tradition of craftsmanship.

Founded as a needle company in the Taisho era, Kenshin originally manufactured "Himi Needles", a traditional industry at the time. As the demand for sewing needles decreased over the years, we adapted our manufacturing to meet the changing needs of the times, and now we produce wire and building materials. Despite the change in what we produce, we continue to uphold the metalworking techniques cultivated since the Taisho era.
This comb, born from the ideas of female employees within the company, represents one of Kenshin's challenges in continuing to innovate with the times.
The handle, which develops a richer flavor with use, symbolizes "change," while the teeth, which remain unbroken even with continuous use, symbolize "constancy."


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Press Release

Press Release was issued on March 9, 2022, via PRTimes, announcing the launch.


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