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Smooth combing experience for your beloved family.


The dome-shaped tip is perfect for massages without harming the skin.

(Please be mindful of the amount of force applied.)


With a special polishing method, static electricity is less likely to occur, allowing for gentle untangling of tangled hair.


The gentle curvature and softness of wood make it comfortable for extended use, reducing fatigue.

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Product Features
  • By increasing the overall length by approximately 18% compared to conventional products, it allows for combing a wider range at once, making brushing large dogs more efficient.
  • The handle is ergonomically designed with gentle curvature and the softness of wood, ensuring comfort even during extended use.
  • Featuring highly durable stainless steel pins, it gently untangles tangled hair without harming pets.
  • Hinoki wood contains natural insect-repellent compounds, providing protection against mites and other pests.

From our EC-Site

Part of the "StainlessWoodComb" series, a collaboration between Rootive Co.,ltd., a renowned woodcraft design and manufacturing company, and Kenshin. This extended length comb allows you to effortlessly detangle larger sections of hair in a single stroke.

Comfortable Handling

The gently curved wooden handle provides a comfortable grip, minimizing fatigue during extended use. A convenient hole at the end of the handle allows for easy storage.

Dimensions: W200 x H52 x D9 mm

Crafted for Excellence

Developed in partnership with Rootive's Mori Studio in Himi City, this comb exemplifies superior craftsmanship and enhanced usability.

Smooth, Static-Free Strokes

Advanced polishing techniques create perfectly straight, mirror-smooth teeth that minimize static buildup while brushing, a legacy of Himi City's renowned needle-manufacturing heritage.

Gentle on Skin

The rounded, semi-spherical pin tips prevent accidental scraping or irritation on sensitive scalps.

Adhesive-Free Construction

A unique joinery method eliminates the need for adhesives.

Natural Pest Resistance

Crafted from Hinoki wood sourced from Toyama Prefecture, this comb benefits from the natural insect-repelling properties to help protect your pets.

A True Artisanal Product

Experience the seamless blend of form and function with this artfully designed "StainlessWoodComb" - a testament to exceptional craftsmanship.


Kenshin, founded as a needle company in the Taisho era, used to manufacture 'Himi Needles,' a traditional industry at the time. As the demand for sewing needles decreased over the years, we adapted our manufacturing to meet the changing needs of the times, and now we produce wire and building materials. Despite the change in what we produce, we continue to uphold the metalworking techniques cultivated since the Taisho era.
This comb is a series item of the previously released 'StainlessWoodComb,' born from the desire to provide the same smooth user experience to pets, who are also members of the family.


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Press Release

Press Release was issued on March 9, 2022, via PRTimes, announcing the launch.


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