We manufacture and sell industrial needles, focusing on reed needles.


The evolution of wire products

We used to manufacture sewing needles in the past, but now we produce industrial needles.

Sewing Needle Production

Production of sewing needles

(From Taisho 7 to Showa 40s)

Industrial Needle Production

Production of industrial needles

(From the 40s to present)

Products Currently in Production

Industrial Needles

We specialize in thin and long products.

Example: Piano Wire with Round Tip and Barrel Polishing

Material: Piano Wire Grade B, Polishing: Dry Barrel Polishing

Application: Mainly used for loom and preparatory machine reed needles

Product Inspection Example

We conduct visual inspections for all products.

By performing barrel polishing, it is possible to achieve a surface roughness of 0.01 to 0.07 μmRa for both the round tip and L-dimension processed areas.

Wire Inspection

Inspection Example


Enlarged Tip - Round Tip Processed


Enlarged Near Center - L-dimension