Smoothly combing through, even for cherished family.

Tsurukame-marked Wan-Nyan Comb

We've created a special comb for your beloved pets because we want them to experience the same comfort of using our 'Tsurukame Brand Beauty Comb,' which is sold as a hair care product.

You can choose from three types of combs.

With different thicknesses and lengths
Smooth combing with pins
Standard Type
Removes tangles such as knots and matting
Coarse Type
Straightens the coat and captures shedding hair
Fine Type

We offer an option to engrave names on the main body using laser processing.

Elegantly packaged in a stylish gift box, suitable for gifting.

We applied the manufacturing technique of 'Himi Needles,' a traditional industry, and polished the surface of long stainless steel pins to a mirror-like smoothness. This aims to make the combing process light and gently untangle even knotted hair.
The handle is crafted from Hinoki wood, shaped meticulously by artisans. It fits comfortably in the hand, reducing fatigue even during prolonged use.

Enjoy comfortable detangling with a light combing experience.
A hemispherical tip that won't damage the skin.
Static electricity is less likely to occur, preventing damage to the hair.
Easy to maintain with stainless steel material.


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This video was created as part of the Himi Chamber of Commerce and Industry's "initiative to showcase the charm of restaurants and specialty shops in Himi City, Toyama Prefecture". It features the manufacturing process of our original products, the 'Tsurukame-marked Beauty Comb' and 'Tsurukame-marked Dog and Cat Comb,' as well as the history of 'Himi Needles'.