Wire Processing Division Product Overview

We produce needle-shaped products such as piano wire and stainless steel wire.

Product Introduction

  • Reed Needle
  • Gaishi Pin
  • Raising Needle
  • Special Needle

* Reed: A comb-shaped part used to align the position of threads in a loom.

Materials Handled

  • Piano Wire
  • Hard Steel Wire
  • Needle Cloth Wire
  • Stainless Steel Wire

Processing Sizes and Shapes

Wire Dia. (mm)
φ0.5~φ2.0 (Up to φ3.0 available as non-standard)
Length (mm)
75~200 (Up to 10.5 ~ 500 available)
End Shape
Round Tip, Sharp Round Tip, Sharp Tip, Chamfer, etc.

Surface Finish

  • No Polishing
  • Buffing Polishing
  • Barrel Polishing

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