We attempted to polish thin and long wire materials using a dry barrel method.


Straightening coiled wire and cutting it to fixed lengths:

  • Diameter: φ0.35mm to φ3.5mm
  • Length: 10.5mm to 1,000mm
  • (Barrel polishing possible up to 230mm)
Rust prevention

Since polishing can be done without using water, it eliminates the need for rust prevention treatment and reduces the workload for subsequent processes.

Needle Smaple
Surface roughness

Mirror finish achieved by barrel polishing.
Achieved a "surface roughness" of up to Ra0.01.
(For products not requiring high surface roughness, buff polishing is also available)

Fast, affordable, and high-quality.

We specialize in polishing straight and fine wires. We complement challenging areas that are difficult to achieve with machining processes through our polishing techniques.

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